What are The Top Causes of Air Conditioner Problems?

If you ever spend a day in Singapore with an air conditioner that does not work due to a certain issue during summer then you never want to experience it again. Without any doubt, aircon issues cannot be tolerated.

Most of the houses in Singapore has any kind of air conditioning system. In summer the use of AC units gets increased. Following this, a few people do have issue with their unit too. Most of the time it is because of using it after a dormant period. It is a must to get your aircon system checked from a good aircon servicing Singapore to avoid sudden issues.

All the electrical appliances needs regular tune up for its perfect working. You should keep a check on your own if the AC is working fine or not. Here are some of the causes of your AC issue that you should avoid happening or get it checked.

1. Low Refrigerant:

The refrigerant is the main thing is the AC that removes the heat and humidity out from your room. If your system has any leaks in the refrigerant lines then there will not be enough refrigeration to cool the air in your room. Fixing this aircon issue is not something simple to just replace the refrigerant. You need to hire a professional AC repair technician to find out the leaks and repair those holes in the lines. Sometimes this is a time consuming and pricey thing when you have multiple leaks.

2. Fan Issues:

There is a fan in your AC unit that blows indoor air over the evaporator coil to cool down the air. And there is another fan that blows the air over the condenser to expel all the absorbed heat outside the area. If any of these fans are not working due to anything like too much dirt, faulty motor, worn belts or lack of lubrication then you will face poor airflow. Neglecting this issue will lead to failing your compressor and that is actually a death of your AC system.

3. Condenser Coils That Are Dirty:

The AC unit’s condenser coils that are a part of outdoor AC system gets really dirty that it does not even work. Simply, get rid of the heat from the air by expelling all the dirt outside the building. The condenser coils do not work fine when it’s covered with a whole layer of grime and dirt. It’s something really common in Singapore as there is a lot of pollution in the air. Heat transfer gets impeded when this is the issue and your aircon system needs to work harder for making the area cool. This leads to increased wears and tears on certain AC parts and could even result in AC system failure.

In this regard, connect to any cheap and good aircon servicing Singapore for your issue to get solved as soon as possible.

4. Frozen Evaporated Coils:

The evaporator coil in your AC system has refrigerant that absorbs the heat from the air in the same way as sponge absorbs water. Maybe this does not fit in your mind but those coils require warm air to circulate around them for proper functioning. Whenever you observe something is wrong with the airflow then it means the evaporator coils are too much cold. Or there could be a layer of ice buildup on its outside. When this happens then warm air or nothing will come out from your AC unit.

5. Clogged drains:

Air conditioner removes the moisture from the air and that needs to go somewhere, which is the drain. The moisture gets removed from the room through a drain line into a pan and finally down to the drain. If the drain line or drain itself is clogged or the pan is full then the water gets backup damaging your system. Also, you have an option to wind up with water leaks that damages the walls, furnishings and ceilings of your area. If you don’t check it instantly then eventually mold will be grown.

6. Leaking Ducts:

The ductwork runs through the walls and ceilings spreading the cooled air all around the room space. But if there are any breaks or holes in the duct that could be because of careless workers or rodents then the cooled air winds inside your walls is doing nothing. And yes this will end up causing your AC system to work harder and boosting your electricity bills.

7. Problems with Thermostat:

These are the simple issues that you can help yourself with. However, these simple issues can cause big issue for your air conditioner if not corrected on time. If you have that vintage dial-type thermostats then there are chances for it getting wrongly calibrated. This will not give right instructions to your AC as thermostat is the control system.

If you have a new programmable thermostats then these are a bit tricky to program so its setting could also be incorrect. And if you have a manual one then make sure to check the instruction to set your thermostat correctly.

Final Words:

The air conditioning system needs your attention to keep your cool during the hot season. So make sure to maintain it properly or else it will stop working and you will be the one suffering. If you ever feel anything fishy with your system and you cannot figure it out then must get it touch with a professional technician.

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