Aircon Compressor Issues and Repair – A Complete Guide

Air conditioners have undoubtedly become an integral part of our lives. Especially to survive in the hot and warm months, we always prefer to invest in a good air compressor that can last us pretty long for the years to come. Well, despite having the best product in your hands, you can expect inevitable unexpected breakdowns, especially in the AC compressor, that ultimately require you to spend extra in the repairing process. The problems can vary from general to more severe, including aircon gas top up the price, and hence you will be required to drop the cash for the repair according to the complexity of the underlying issue.

Here in this article, we will let you know the common issues, aircon compressor price, and cost for those repairs.

What is an AC Compressor?

A compressor is one of the most essential and integral components of the air conditioning system that serves the role of the heart by helping the HVAC system to function correctly. Just like our heart, which keeps the human system alive by pumping blood throughout our body, the ac compressor makes the rotation of refrigerant possible. The refrigerant has extraordinary cooling abilities that help remove heat and humidity and cool the environment.

According to experts, most compressor issues can be resolved quickly. However, for this, you need to keep a good watch on the functioning of your AC, and in case you detect any issues or problems, seek the guidance of an expert to resolve the issue in a timely fashion.

Common Aircon Compressor Issues

Refrigerant Leakage

One of the most common issues you encounter with your ac compressor is refrigerant leakage. There are various reasons behind this, but the most common one is the issue with the refrigerant lines. Over time, it is common for these lines to get torn out and develop cracks and holes in them. Ultimately you will start to notice that your AC is not cooling correctly. If you ever fail to identify the refrigerant leakage on time, you will have to bear the extra repair costs, which will ultimately result in your compressor failure. So, you need to be extra alert to rectify the problem as soon as possible and consult the technician or aircon expert to help you.

Accumulation of dirt and debris

The next issue on the list is the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris in different parts of your air conditioning system. Since the AC condenser is located outside and typically filled with dust and dirt, this ultimately spoils and hinders the system’s normal functions. The problem can be resolved quickly by using a cleaning agent to wash away the dirt. It is also economical and will cost around $40-$50. However, if overlooked, it can damage the compressor by overheating it.

Loud noises

Are you experiencing loud, banging noises coming out of your compressor? It is a clear indication that your compressor is facing some issues, and it might stop working soon. There might also be an underlying issue with the fan motor if the fan is usually kept from spinning. For this, you will have to opt for the fan motor replacement, which generally costs somewhere between $100 to $400, depending on the replaced part.

Valve Issues

Valve issues are also quite common in air compressors. The valve is an outlet from where the system expels the refrigerant. Repairing a valve is not that easy and requires the services of an expert. Besides this, it is also expensive, especially when you are required to replace the whole valve. You should spend approximately $80-$130.

Thermistor Issues

Another common issue that your air conditioner can encounter is problems with the thermistor. A thermistor is a small device inside the conditioner responsible for maintaining the inside temperature of the room. It promptly detects temperature fluctuations and sends signals accordingly. In case of thermistor issues, your room temperature will not be appropriately adjusted, and you will experience the warm air being blown out. The thermistor repair can cost up to $200, depending on the issue’s complexity.

Compressor Jam Issues

Besides the above-mentioned issues, another common problem that most people report about their compressors is that it gets jammed over time. Improper lubrication and tight bearings are the frequent reasons behind the issue, so you need to check for that. Besides these, the inappropriate use or lousy quality of refrigerant can also be the reason.


Ac compressors are one of the common parts of the air conditioning system that require replacement and repairs. However, if you take good care of the system and maintain it properly, it will last much longer than usual.

Still, in case of any issues, you need to consult an expert to help you design a repair plan that compliments your needs and fits your budget.