Aircon Gas Top Up in Singapore

Is your aircon not cooling well lately? Are you worried you might need to buy a new one? That’s okay; there is no need to worry; it might be because your air conditioner needs to top up on refrigerant. Don’t delay further as it may affect the efficiency and life of your aircon. Contact aircon gas top up Singapore to get back the cool air.

What do you need to Know about Aircon Gas?

The role of gas in the aircon is to absorb heat from the room and leaving it outside. The gas in your aircon works exactly like the one in your refrigerant to make the temperature n your room cool.

Usually, the cooling chemicals of the refrigerant do not get used up throughout the life of your aircon. When it happens, it is because of leaks in the container due to which the refrigerant moves out.

It is fixable with the help of technicians as they will first look for the leak/hole and fix it, followed by filling the container with gas again. Once filled with the gas, you get back your fresh and cool air.

How Leaking of Gas Affects the Efficiency of the Unit?

The absence of gas gives warm air, but there are greater chances for your unit to overheat as the compressor is not cooling down. Similarly, when the evaporating coils are not cooled down, they might stop working. So it is wiser to get the Top Up Air Conditioner Gas leak repaired in time to prevent further damage.

UPTON aircon is a reputable servicing company providing cheap aircon gas top up in Singapore instantly and at affordable rates.

What Gases are used for Top-up?

According to models of air conditioners, various chemicals are being used as refrigerants. But among all two gases are most popular.

R22 Gas or Freon

It is a type of cooling chemical that affects the ozone layers when released into the environment. Its use has now been banned within most countries due to its bad effects on the ozone layer.

The reason why manufacturers preferred this gas was the fact that the compressor cooled the air more efficiently and consumed less power. Moreover, this gas also absorbs the water produced during the cooling process, which is crucial for preventing water from getting into the refrigeration system.

R410 Gas

This gas is the newest gas used as a refrigerant. It has the same cooling efficiency as Freon, but it does not cause any harmful side effects on the environment. Aircon Gas Top Up Price is cost-effective as it is easier to put inside the aircon, and it produces the same cooling effect in low amounts. R410 gas is a more durable coolant, so overheating is not an issue.

Why go to Professionals for Aircon Gas Leak Repair in Singapore?

Aircon gas top up in Singapore is a job that can only be done right if handed to professionals. Upton Aircons has skilled and experienced staff who can handle all issues with your aircon. We have the right equipment for Gas Top Up Aircon, and once the gas is filled, it will be tested using a gas gauge to ensure your aircon has enough gas.

Contact us now and let us help you get back the cool air of your aircon.


When there’s a refrigerant leak in the air conditioning system, it often calls for an air conditioner gas refill. Signs like decreased cooling performance, extended cooling cycles, or the emission of warm air from the vents can indicate a refrigerant leak. If any of these signs are noticed, it’s vital to have a technician assess your air conditioning system to ascertain whether a gas refill is necessary to replenish the appropriate levels of refrigerant.

The time it takes to recharge gas in an air conditioner can vary based on factors such as the unit’s size, the quantity of refrigerant needed, and the speed at which it can be accessed. Typically, the process is completed within 30 to 60 minutes. However, the duration might differ based on specific conditions and the expertise of the technician.



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