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Having an aircon unit in your home is not a luxury anymore, but it has become a necessity for every Singaporean. Due to Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it has become a lifesaver. Your air conditioning unit requires proper maintenance if you use it regularly. Paying for AC Service Singapore will help you to maintain your comfort during the hot season.

If you didn’t perform any simple aircon servicing at home, you should.

Keep your aircon in first-class shape by maintaining properly via aircon servicing. Aircon unit filters, fins, and coils need to clean to work properly. Every six months, you should clean your aircon vent, clean the fan, clean, washing, and remove the air conditioner filter for better performance. If you are in search of a professional aircon servicing company in Singapore, Upton Aircons is the one to choose from. We provide you with the Best Aircon Services in Singapore to ensure you receive the right solution to keep your ac working properly.

Here, you will get a wide range of aircon services at affordable prices. Our team has expertise in servicing ACs from various brands and dealing with any problem. We make sure your aircon every component will work perfectly. Call now to schedule your Air Con Service SG!

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Let aircon turn the warm room air into a cool and refreshing atmosphere. Enjoy a healthier room environment with cool and humidified air produced in no time.


An Aircon causes a cooling effect by simultaneously removing heat and moisture and thereby lower the temperature to create a pleasant environment. The warm, moist air circulating in the room is forced out in the external piping system through the filter unit in the cooling system. PVC pipes can be installed within the walls or mounted on the roof and directed out of the home for the water from the moisture to drip out and maintain the temperature of the room well kept.

It’s the last thing you want to hear when it’s 30-plus degrees Celsius outside and you’ve run out of ice cubes for your drinks. There’s some sort of weird sound coming from your air conditioner that you’ve never heard before.

There are several reasons your air conditioner is making noise. It all depends on the noise. Is it a banging sound? There may be a loose or broken part. Is it buzzing? There may be some debris that needs to be cleaned out.

If you hear any unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner, have a professional diagnose the problem and make the repairs.

Your air conditioner is yours to use as much as you want or are able to. If you are worried about using too much energy and hiking up your electricity bill, there are some ways to control how much you use your AC. For example, use your programmable thermostat so that your air conditioner isn’t running when no one is home.

Savings Tip: There are things you can do to help keep your house cool without constantly using your air conditioner. We have some money-saving tips to work with your air conditioner.

This is one of the air conditioner questions we get a lot. People just aren’t sure when they should replace their cooling systems.

If your air conditioner is over ten years old, we recommend considering a replacement. Air conditioner technology has jumped forward and is more efficient than ever. Investing in a new cooling system now may give you savings in the future.

If you realize it’s time to have a new air conditioner installed, our team of trained professionals will do it safely and correctly the first time.

Savings Tip: Updating your air conditioner can qualify you for rebates. We can help you take advantage of them.

Your air conditioner has a lot of working parts that should be checked by a professional, but there are some things you can clean yourself, including:

  • The condenser unit
  • The air filter
  • The coils

The first and most important step you must take is to switch off the electricity supply in both indoor and outdoor units. It will ensure your safety and make sure that you do not encounter an electric shock.

Now, remove the covering and use an appropriate brush to gently clean all the dust and debris. It is very important to keep in mind that these appliances are very delicate and sensitive. You can use water and a mild detergent to clean the dirt off the coils.

Replace your furnace’s air filter regularly to remove pet hair and dust. It’s the “air handler” on your furnace that moves the cool air around your home.

If you are unsure of what is what, or would rather have someone else handle it, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Savings Tip: A clean air conditioner could save you money.


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