Based in Singapore, Upton Aircons is a trusty aircon service company. We start from a team of 3 increase to 28 people today. We provide comprehensive, diverse and high quality services to those who need it.

Across the board, we use our expertise to provide the best possible service for our clients. We don’t compromise on quality, but we’ll give you the best prices. Our team of highly trained, hard-working and certified experts are guaranteed to be able to meet the high standards set by our clients. We are dedicated to improving the quality of the lives of everyone we meet.

Upton Aircons specialises in top-notch aircon general servicing, aircon chemical overhaul, aircon repairing, installation and contract servicing of every kind of aircon.

Last month, we helped 620 users solve their aircon cleaning and repair problems! We provide 100% reliable aircon services at an affordable price.We won’t stop until your needs are fully met, and our dedication shows. Our long list of pleased clients is only growing. Upton aircons are dedicated to your peace of mind. Contact us for our incredibly reliable services whenever you might need it.