A/C General Service

Fancoil Unit 1 Time Servicing Nett Price Annual Servicing Nett Price
1 $50 $45
2 $60 $50
3 $70 $60
4 $80 $72
5 $90 $87.50
Routine maintenance is the key to a long-running aircon. To keep your aircon working at its best for years, get your cooling system inspected and serviced as it eliminates the possibility of major faults that can cause permanent damage to your Aircon. A well-experienced Aircon servicing company recommends a quarterly servicing routine, and so do we. Keep your aircon performing at its best. Our experience backs our claim that regular upkeeping, servicing, and maintenance prolongs life and prevents major equipment failures. Besides, quarterly cleaning can increase the efficiency of the cooling system by up to 30%, which directly translates into optimized power utilization and reduced electricity bills. We guarantee excellent cooling air through and reduced chances of water leaks from the cooling system and operating an aircon will be light on your pocket as well.
Our standard service plans are low cost and holistic at the same time. We carry out complete inspection and cleaning to ensure all elements are in place and working optimally; at Upton Aircon, we like to call it preventive aircon care. Our other services include cleaning, maintenance, installation, relocation, and dismantling of all types of new and used aircon. We also supply used but good-in-shape cooling units. Contact us today to learn more.

Recommended Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Aircon is one of the essential appliances in Singapore today in any home or commercial area. But getting the installation of aircon is not enough; you need to keep it clean to maintain its functioning for a long. Otherwise, various problems in the aircon may arise, such as aircon water leaks, low cooling, etc.

It is advisable to look for recommended aircon servicing in Singapore to avoid any such inconvenience, as they are experts at what they do. Moreover, they are licensed and trained to cope with all your aircon problems and come forward with economical solutions.

UPTON aircon dealing with aircon for years and provide cheap and good aircon servicing in Singapore. We have a long list of happy clients who are highly satisfied with what we do and trust us to provide the best. Make us a part of your journey to get your cool air back; you will be amazed to see the results.

Why you need Aircon Cleaning Services Singapore?

Whether you are using aircon in your homes or commercially, it needs to be cleaned. The cleanliness of the aircon depends on its usage. Are you wondering how it is related to its usage? The summer is around the corner in Singapore, which means non-stop aircon usage throughout the day and night. This excessive usage of aircon results in clogging of the filter with dirt, bacteria, viruses, and molds. It not only affects the cooling but also compromises the quality of air reaching your room. It means your air needs good aircon servicing Singapore.

If you continue to ignore the cleaning and servicing of your aircon, it will cost you badly. Uncleaned aircon has lower efficiency and consumes much power, which leads to higher electricity bills. Apart from that it also results in a decrease in the life of aircon. So why wait? Get your aircon cleaned timely to avoid such circumstances.

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Commercial Aircon Servicing Singapore

Being a business manager, you should pay close attention to some aspects of the working environment. One such factor is to keep a check on the quality of the air conditioner as it contributes to a comfortable working atmosphere.

Aircon can encounter inevitable issues at any time but don’t worry. Commercial aircon servicing Singapore is at your rescue.

We provide the best and hassle-free services to help you get back to your comfortable working atmosphere.

Aircon Servicing Deals at UPTON Aircon

If you search for cheap and good aircon servicing in Singapore, you must consider aircon servicing in Singapore deals at UPTON as you get the best of services at budget-friendly rates. The quality of all services is ensured in the aircon servicing package Singapore.

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What is involved in an Aircon General Service?

In Singapore weather, the heat will be inevitable without an air conditioner. With daily use, dirt tends to accumulate around the aircon, which can damage your system. But with Aircon General Service, we can help you remove it before any further damage!

There are a few advantages of engaging in normal Air Conditioner Servicing!

  • Living in fresh and cool air
  • Minimize the problem of water leakage and concentration
  • Complete cleanliness of your air conditioner

An air conditioner that is well-serviced will help to enhance the lifespan of the unit and it will perform well.

Upton Aircons is the general Aircon Service Company in Singapore that provides our customers with excellent service. Mentioned below are the basic services involved in it!

  • Cleaning of filters and exterior components of the aircon unit.
  • Inspection and validation of all the electrical components of the aircon.
  • Ensure no leakage or choke occur by checking the water pump and flow and disinfecting the water tray.
  • Inspect the air conditioner compressor for the right pressure, temperature, or air circulation.
  • We perform a trial run to ensure the aircon unit is running smoothly.

General Aircon Servicing Singapore will improve the aircon unit’s efficiency, reliability, and lifespan. Besides, it will also save you a lot of money by keeping it in a proper condition. Upton Aircons provides the best services with the most affordable Aircon Servicing Price. Connect with our team to know more and schedule your service!

What we do

Upton aircon has specialized in servicing home commercial aircon servicing Singapore. With our aircon servicing package Singapore you will get the best services at lower rates. Our team of experts is skilled enough and has an overall grip on equipment to do justice to their job. Your satisfaction means everything to us, and our staff ensures it.

As we are recommended aircon servicing Singapore we also offer you various contracts, so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of aircon conditioner throughout the year.

If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to contact us any time soon. We would be happy to help you.


Even if you infrequently use your air conditioner, regular maintenance remains essential. Reduced usage can lead to issues such as dust buildup, moisture accumulation, and potential component damage. Consistent servicing guarantees optimal performance when you do need the system, upholds its efficiency and longevity, and prevents potential problems that may arise due to prolonged periods of inactivity.

For optimal performance and the extended lifespan of your air conditioning system, it is recommended to conduct a general air conditioning service for the fan coil approximately every three to six months. Regular servicing includes lubricating moving parts, inspecting electrical connections, and cleaning and maintaining filters to uphold the overall efficiency of the unit.

Certainly, it is a standard practice to use chemical solutions for cleaning the fan coil during a general air conditioning service. These solutions effectively eliminate dirt, dust, and debris that can accumulate on the fan coil. To ensure a comprehensive and dependable cleaning process, it’s essential to engage technicians who are well-versed in proper application techniques and adhere to all necessary safety measures.

The general air conditioning service primarily addresses routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning filters, inspecting electrical connections, and ensuring the proper functioning of the air conditioning system. On the other hand, chemical cleaning services involve the use of specialized chemicals in a comprehensive cleaning process to eliminate dirt, dust, mold, and bacteria from the internal components of the air conditioner. This process improves indoor air quality, prevents unpleasant odors, and contributes to the enhancement of cooling efficiency.


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