A/C Chemical Overhaul

Fancoil Unit 1 Time Servicing Nett Price Annual Servicing Nett Price
1 $80 $70
2 $160 $140
3 $240 $210
4 $320 $280

Chemical Wash

Do you feel like your Aircon’s cooling is not how it used to be? A common cause for slowed-down cooling is that your aircon cooling system needs gas refills. In certain cases, it leads to inconsistent cooling along with a bad odour. A thorough chemical overhaul and chemical wash from a reliable servicing company is the way forward for your aircon’s health. We recommend routine overhauls to keep your aircon in good shape for years and avoid uncalled-for breakdowns in the unbearable heat. We follow strict guidelines, from dismantling the aircon cooling system to scrubbing the inner components and securing every single component in its right place, and delivering an aircon as clean as new aircon straight out of the box. We are also available to simply relocate your aircon unit.

Reach out to us and get an expert engineer assigned to your aircon right away. Our team is proficient at their jobs and guarantees A+ service every time. We are available on single call 24/7, 365 days a year.

Chemical Aircon Cleaning in Singapore

Aircon is the means of survival in hot and humid weather, but what if your aircon stops working suddenly in the mid of a hot day? Are you taking enough care of it so that it works seamlessly?

It is understood that the function of any machine deteriorates with time, but proper care and cleaning may increase its life. Similarly, aircon also requires maintenance to keep up with its efficiency. So if your aircon is having issues lately, it’s time you should consider chemical aircon cleaning in Singapore.

What do you need to know about Aircon Chemical cleaning Aircon in Singapore?

The process that involves using specific chemicals to clean parts of the aircon is referred to as AC Chemical Wash cleaning. The parts of the aircon are dismantled and cleaned to improve any accumulated dust leading to improved efficiency.

For aircon chemical cleaning, it is advisable to seek professional help as it involves using chemicals that only professionals are trained to use. For better results, get your aircon chemically cleaned at least twice every year.

Note: Don’t do chemical cleaning on your own, as the chemicals can have damaging effects on your health.

What are the Benefits of Chemical Cleaning Aircon Singapore?

Chemical cleaning has the following benefits:

Improve Air Quality

After chemical cleaning, the aircon becomes free of any accumulated dust particles, bacteria, and moulds, which could compromise air quality. It results in improved quality of air.

Low Power Consumption

Cleaned and serviced aircon gives cool air while consuming less electricity which means it will save you from electricity bills.

Increased Lifespan

Getting your aircon serviced gives you a better idea about any damaged part or dirt accumulated that affects the working of the aircon. If the issue is fixed timely, it will ultimately increase the efficiency and lifespan of the air, and it will continue to work seamlessly.

Increased Cooling

For better cooling results, a Chemical wash aircon compressor is crucial. Replace Aircon Compressor which is not working properly. It will be a plus point for you!

Note: Cooling also declines when the system has not been used for a long-time.


Corrosion is a big hindrance to proper functioning, so if you keep your aircon clean, it will be corrosion-free and normally work for years.

How is Aircon Chemical Overhaul Different from Chemical Cleaning?

Chemical overhaul involves servicing and repairing at the same time. The aircon parts are separated and cleaned, and if there is any damage to any part, it is fixed immediately. A chemical overhaul is required once a year.

Both have a role in improving the efficiency of your aircon. Our professionals will help to identify the cleaning you require for your aircon.

What is the Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price?

Suppose we talk about the price of an aircon chemical overhaul price; it depends upon the servicing you need and the number of aircon that need servicing. If you need more details about the Chemical Overhaul Aircon Price, they are mentioned below in the table, or you contact us now and get your quote.

Please make sure to seek professionals to do this job to save you money in the long term. And we know that you do not want to compromise on the services of your aircon.

The chemical cleaning aircon Singapore at Upton Aircons is at an affordable Aircon Chemical Wash Price. For years we have been serving our clients, and we are known for our excellence and high performance. Our aircon experts can cope with all the issues of your aircon. Put your trust in us; we are best at what we do; kindly let us know how we can help you.


Chemical cleaning, also referred to as chemical washing, is essential for eliminating accumulated dirt, dust, mould, and germs within air conditioning systems. Regular cleaning is vital to uphold peak performance, improve air quality, and prevent undesirable odours. This process entails the use of specialized cleaning solutions to thoroughly cleanse the internal components of the air conditioning unit, ensuring its efficiency and effectiveness.

The recommended frequency for chemical air conditioner cleaning is approximately every one to two years, considering usage patterns and environmental influences. This maintenance becomes particularly beneficial when you notice indicators like reduced cooling effectiveness, unpleasant odours, or visible accumulation of dirt within your air conditioner. Moreover, consistent chemical washing can play a role in enhancing indoor air quality by eliminating germs, mould, and allergens, which is particularly valuable if you or your family members have respiratory conditions or allergies.

Unless you possess the appropriate knowledge and expertise in handling air conditioning systems and chemicals, it is not recommended to attempt an aircon chemical wash on your own. Chemical washing demands specialized tools and skills to ensure both safety and effective cleaning. To ensure correct procedures, mitigate potential risks, and prevent harm to the unit, it is imperative to engage professionals to carry out the chemical cleaning process.


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