Free Upgraded Materials

Premium 1/2 inch Thick Armaflex Class 0 Insulation for Copper Pipings

Thicker and better than 3/8 inch thick insulation, less likely to have water condensation. Class 0 is more expensive, tougher and better fire-resistant than Class 1 insulation. Armaflex Armacell is Pioneer and Technology World leader in Thermal Insulation

SWG 22 PSB Tested Izumi Copper Piping

Thicker and better than SWG 23 copper or any Aluminium piping. Less Likely to have gas leaks

Premium Keystone Cables – Made in Singapore

Better Quality Control and a higher percentage of Copper content, more lasting compared to other brands

16mm Diameter PSB Tested uPVC Drain Pipes

Wider and better than 13mm Diameter drain pipes. Less likely to choke and cause Aircon drain water leaking from the indoor unit

PVC Trunking 2mm Thick – Made in Singapore

From the great value brand RS PRO, comes a range of high quality white mini trunkings. Manufactured with a flat back and uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride), these trunkings have been designed to allow the user to fix it to the area it will be applied to, allowing for a simple yet effective installation and secure cable organisation.