How to Improve the Efficacy of your Air Conditioning System – A Complete Guide

Air-conditioning system is one of the best modern equipment that you can invest in the twenty-first century to make your lives easy, smooth, and hassle-free. This luxurious invention has some incredible benefits of keeping your surroundings cool and refreshing, especially in the hot weather when you need it the most.

However, to get the comfortable room that you desire when coming home from a long tiring day, you would need to ensure your air conditioner is working properly. Yes, you read it right. You need to take care of your air conditioning system to avoid functional problems and to keep your ac system active. This will involve doing some simple steps like looking after the cleaning, doing proper maintenance and aircon pipe replacement, and, not to forget, removing the build-up of dirt, dust, and grime from the system.

In this blog, we will let you know the simple steps and tips you can follow in your everyday routine to keep your ac system functional and save a lot of your repair expenses.

Schedule the Annual Aircon Cleaning

The first and foremost step that can save you from a lot of unnecessary cleaning expenses is seeking the help of a professional. It is highly recommended that you get your ac adequately cleaned by the hands of an expert once a year. All you need to do is to explore a reliable aircon servicing Singapore near you and let them do the cleaning and maintenance on your behalf. They will help you tune up your ac system, which will save a lot of energy expenses. Besides this, you will also get an early diagnosis of any underlying problems your ac might be facing.

Check the Insulation

The next thing is to have a look at the pipe insulation of your air conditioning system. If you notice that it is torn or disintegrated, you must get it repaired at your earliest convenience. It hinders the normal functioning of the ac system, thus adversely affecting the cooling ability, and your system will be unable to maintain a stable room temperature.

Replace the Air Filters

It’s also vital that you opt for a new air filter at least once a month. This is the best thing you can do to keep your ac functional and increase its life. Just like the standard filters, air conditioning systems also have a prepper filtering system fitted inside that filters out pollutants and other particles known to be harmful or damaging to the system’s functioning. Over time, with the regular flow of air in and out, the filter gets typically clogged with dander, dust, dirt, grime, and allergens. If overlooked, the dirt and dust particles will also spoil the air quality of your room, making the environment unsafe, and leading to breathing and respiratory issues.

Clean the Coils and Return Air Ducts

After changing the filters of your air conditioning system, the next thing that you need to do is to properly clean the coils and return ducts. Both are essential parts of the air conditioning system and can help you increase the average lifespan of your air conditioning system to a great extent. Just like air filters, the coils and return air ducts also get trapped with dirt and lint, which ultimately reduces the efficiency of the ac system. If not cleaned properly, your ac will have to operate harder to maintain the temperature of your room and face difficulty pushing the air through the system.

Check Your Wirings

Proper wiring is the next step that can assist you in making your ac system more efficient. Despite following all the steps mentioned above, if your wiring is damaged and worn out, all your effort will go in vain. So, it’s better to thoroughly inspect the wires and look for damages. In case you come across any minute scorches or damages, call the expert there and then and get the issue resolved. Otherwise, you might end up risking the lives of your dear ones.

Clean the Compressor

Ac compressor is undoubtedly the most crucial and essential part of the entire system. Any problem with the compressor and you will quickly notice that the whole system will slow down, becoming less energy efficient in seconds. One of the best tips you can follow is to remove any items placed near the compressor, as they will result in air blockage. Likewise, you need to clean the surroundings, removing dirt, dirt, grass, and leaves, at least once a week.

Give Your AC Some Rest.

Done doing all the steps? The next tip to try is to give your air conditioning system a break. Machines and equipment are designed so that if they keep running 24/7, they will ultimately lose their efficiency and slow down. As a result, you will notice that your system cannot do the cooling task right, despite the higher electricity bills. So, give it some rest to ensure that your system is getting the desired rest. When not in use, try to switch it off, as it will help you save energy and bring down the expenses too.